Once upon a time ...

I was a young Interior Designer from Milan, in the full power of her beauty and career.

One Day I have met a man, long white dress and green rubber shoes. He said to me: ” you will need to do therapies and you will loose all your hair in the while, but then there are chances to live”.

In the deepest flames of concern, and without looking myself at the mirror, I have met a man, long black suite and a tie on his neck. He said to me: ” you have lost all your beautiful hair. What about designing a Shampoo brand? “

And so it is, day by day, drop by drop, I have used all my energies to design the Shampoo, kick the beast off, get my life back. Since then, for more than 10 years, I have never stopped to design and develop brands for skincare and wellness, with great dedication for any touchpoint, carefully choosing the best people to work with and for.

This story is ongoing and I cannot tell you the end. At least I can share my 3 golden rules:

  1. Trust Humans, no matter the colour of their dress.
  2. Work as hard as you can, to keep yourself alive
  3. If you loose your beauty, you can design it!

..and by the way, that Shampoo brand is still on the market 🙂

best people to work for

best people to work with

martina nappo

Martina Bliss

Graphic Designer and Illustrator
Multi-disciplinary designer , originally from Naples, presently residing and working in the dynamic city of Copenhagen, strives to embody a harmonious blend of their southern roots and northern influences. The professional ethos centers on a keen focus on balance and composition. Noteworthy aspects include a profound fascination with the forces of nature, a background in fashion design, and a steadfast belief in the transformative potential of collaboration, leading to a genuine enthusiasm for partnering with both familiar friends and new acquaintances.

Sarah Edith

Sarah Edith

Illustrator, Surface Designer
After studying graphic design and illustration at the European Institute of Design, she lived in France, Finland, and Denmark, developing a passion for textile and interior design. Based in Milan, she's a Surface/Print Designer, working in fashion and design, and teaches at a university. Now a consultant in Rome, she draws inspiration from daily encounters and childhood memories in nature. Sarah Edith's style, influenced by naïve art, brings a touch of creative purity to environments with bucolic landscapes.

Giulio Macciò

Giulio Macciò

SEO Copywriter
Freelance copywriter specializing in storytelling strategies and SEO content creation. His goal is to enhance the way companies communicate through an engaging and concise writing approach. Every brand needs to tell its story. Without effective communication, conveying a vision and engaging an audience is impossible. With the right words, he assists clients in elevating their marketing and gaining a competitive edge.

Sarah Paracchini

Sarah Paracchini

Art Director and Photographer
A design-focused and creative individual with a keen eye for detail. Adept illustrator passionate about fine arts and crafting project assets by hand. Excels in collaborative team settings and demonstrates robust leadership skills. Additionally, possesses proficient photography capabilities.

Serea Poletto Ghella

Serena Poletto Ghella

Creative Director
Transitioning through the realms of fashion, she honed skills in trend analysis and moodboards, gaining a multifaceted perspective. Now, as a creative director, she seamlessly applies her expertise to ensure beauty, functionality, and impactful messaging, whether in fashion collections or communication strategies. Her heart resonates with the profound impact of the right messages on the hearts of customers.

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