Client: Cosmesi Siciliana

With: Sarah Paracchini

Categories: Branding, Graphic Design, Visual Identity.

Photo Credits of the cover: Cosmesi Siciliana

Vulcanic Perfume of Sicily

Aetna, a cosmetic line born from the fertile soil and unique flora thriving at the foothills of the volcano, embodies the spirit of Sicily. This collection, an integral part of Sicilian Cosmetics, aims to capture the richness of the Sicilian land. The iconic Sicilian cart theme has been reimagined for this occasion, adorned in a luxurious golden motif , printed with Gold foil on a matt Label, with the majestic volcano at its heart.

The prominent and opulent Aetna logo serves as a beacon, conveying a message of preciousness and wealth. It encapsulates the floral and woody notes of its fragrances for both men and women. Each product in the Aetna line is a testament to the brand’s commitment to encapsulate the essence of Sicilian beauty, combining the earthly inspiration with the sophistication of a golden eruption at its core.