Società del Karitè Logo

Client: LaBioelite

Categories: Branding, Visual Identity

Animalier Butter

The Shea Society’s rebranding initiative aims to communicate a fresh management approach and a revitalization of the brand, set to emerge in a new identity while honoring its past achievements.

The logo seeks to evoke the sensory qualities of Shea, emphasizing its softness and gourmet charm. The typeface is crafted with an artisanal appeal, slightly irregular to evoke an African aesthetic while conveying a sense of fluidity.

The emphasis on the é in Karité is intentionally heightened, becoming a distinctive element representing a small dose of cream. The overall appearance remains simplified, not overly intricate, ensuring easy adaptability for digital use while conveying the purity and authenticity of the cosmetic products bearing this name.

The logo may be complemented by the Shea nut symbol, the second defining element of the brand serving as a distinctive feature among various product lines. Its usage is strongly recommended on products and optional in communication materials and official documents.